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Lice skirts

Our lice skirts are an extremely effective way of keeping salmon lice out of cages. We ensure that the salmon stay healthy all year round, by providing two different types of lice skirt.

NWP’s lice skirts are specially designed to keep the lice away, while ensuring that the salmon enjoy optimum conditions all year round. We do this by offering our classic lice skirt and our new permeable skirt.

Two different types

We offer to different types of lice skirt. The NWP Extra-Strong Lice Skirt and the NWP Permeable Skirt.

Gjennomstrømmingsskjørt Og Luseskjørt
Photo: On the left, you can see our impermeable and most durable version. The right-hand photo shows the permeable version.

The NWP Extra-Strong Lice Skirt is an impermeable lice skirt which has been developed for the tough Norwegian sea conditions. We recommend the use of this lice skirt in winter, because the tarpaulin is impermeable and therefore stronger. In summer, we recommend our new product, the NWP Permeable Skirt. That is because this lice skirt allows fresh water to enter continuously. In summer, the sea is warmer and the oxygen level lower, so you need a continuous supply of freshwater with a high oxygen level. If the oxygen level is low, the fish will not thrive and it will not take in sufficient nutrients. This is extremely important in terms of production.

That is why we recommend the NWP Extra-Strong Lice Skirt in winter, and the NWP Permeable Skirt in summer. In some locations, where weather conditions permit, aquaculture operators may be able to use the permeable skirt all year round.

Benefits of the NWP Extra-Strong Lice Skirt

  • Extremely strong fabric
  • Can cope with rough weather conditions
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Keeps the salmon lice out, even in winter when the lice larvae are small

Benefits of the NWP Permeable Skirt

  • Ensures optimum conditions for salmon in summer
  • Maintains a stable water temperature
  • Provides an optimum oxygen level resulting in stable production

How the lice skirt works

Salmon lice live down to depths of 10 metres. Installing a lice skirt that is 10 metres deep keeps salmon lice out of the cages.

As well as protecting the fish from salmon lice, the skirt also protects them from other unwanted particles, and reduces other contamination inside the skirt.

Why use our lice skirts?

  • Norwegian quality for Norwegian weather conditions
  • The strongest fabric on the market – long lifespan and cost-effective
  • Complies with the EU’s REACH environmental standard
  • We customise our products around our customers’ needs

We guarantee that you will get the best possible product

Our lice skirts are always designed around the customer’s local weather and water conditions. We have developed the NWP package, which guarantees customers a top-quality, tailor-made product for their local conditions. Read more about the NWP package under Documents.

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- Norwegian quality has an exceptionally good reputation

NWP is investing internationally, and its new factory will provide more efficient production. This means that NWP can reduce prices while maintaining quality standards. This opens up very exciting opportunities.

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Nordlaks has for many years made use of permeable skirts. Following extensive tests Nordlaks is no longer in any doubt – this product is a goldmine for operations.

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