NWP has a strong environmental focus, which means that it is important for us to provide the right maintenance and service for our products. We are happy to help you with repairs and maintenance tips.

We always use the best materials, which means that the lifespan of your products will be as long as possible. However, some service and repair work will always be needed. We have many years of experience in glueing, welding and sewing fabric.

NWP Service offers

  • Inspection and appraisal of damage
  • Service agreements for halls
  • Repair of damaged fabric
  • Fabric replacement for halls
  • Cleaning, maintenance – including service of trusses, gates, lights, etc.


NWP uses its extensive experience in bespoke sailmaking to offer specially sewn products which will protect your assets from sun, rain, snow and storms.


Norwegian Weather Protection combines the best and most effective technology with the skills and craftsmanship of our employees. We have large and efficient production facilities which enable us to be flexible to our customers and flexible on deadlines.


We often find the best solutions when our professionals talk to customers who understand the challenge. Together, we create smart, customised solutions which are effective and functional.


The tough Norwegian natural environment and weather conditions set the standard for Norwegian Weather Protection’s products. We deliver quality, durable, customised products for all our customers.