Construction and industry

For many years, NWP has been developing products for construction and industry that can help you in your day-to-day operations.

We offer a wide range of industrial products. By supplying products which protect the workplace and important equipment, our aim is to help you operate more efficiently and improve the safety of your workplace.

NWP is a supplier which listens to its customers. We want to develop products which satisfy your needs and quality requirements. We achieve this by manufacturing our products in Norway from the best quality materials. We customise all our products around our customers’ needs. With Scandinavia’s most modern and efficient production equipment, we can guarantee you the best quality, price and not least, a fast delivery time.

Our main objective is to be a supplier to the industry who can be trusted in any situation.

  • We are at your service
  • We are available
  • We will meet your needs and requirements


NWP uses its extensive experience in bespoke sailmaking to offer specially sewn products which will protect your assets from sun, rain, snow and storms.


Norwegian Weather Protection combines the best and most effective technology with the skills and craftsmanship of our employees. We have large and efficient production facilities which enable us to be flexible to our customers and flexible on deadlines.


We often find the best solutions when our professionals talk to customers who understand the challenge. Together, we create smart, customised solutions which are effective and functional.


The tough Norwegian natural environment and weather conditions set the standard for Norwegian Weather Protection’s products. We deliver quality, durable, customised products for all our customers.

News from NWP

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NWP has signed an exclusive deal with Diluvium to manufacture and provide flood barriers in Norway, Europe and the USA.
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This Technology Protects Us from Rust and Corrosion
We have secured the rights to Intercept Technology, a technology that has a proven lasting effect under extreme conditions. This means that you as a customer end up with a product with an increased lifespan!
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