With 30 years of experience in product development and supplying aquaculture products, we are a solid partner who always goes that extra mile to create the best possible products for our customers.

We use our skills and experience to develop products which make aquaculture more environmentally-friendly and production more efficient.

We offer a wide range of aquaculture products. When we develop and supply products, our main focus is on quality. Norway is a long, thin country with a lot of weather, which is why it is so important for us to manufacture our products in Norway, with Norwegian quality. We know that nothing less than the highest quality is good enough for our Norwegian weather conditions.

Our main aim is to be a supplier to the aquaculture industry who can be trusted in any situation.

  • We are at your service
  • We are available
  • We will meet your needs and requirements

We now have the most modern and efficient production equipment in the whole of Scandinavia. That makes us extremely competitive in the aquaculture industry in terms of quality, price, and not least delivery time.


NWP uses its extensive experience in bespoke sailmaking to offer specially sewn products which will protect your assets from sun, rain, snow and storms.


Norwegian Weather Protection combines the best and most effective technology with the skills and craftsmanship of our employees. We have large and efficient production facilities which enable us to be flexible to our customers and flexible on deadlines.


We often find the best solutions when our professionals talk to customers who understand the challenge. Together, we create smart, customised solutions which are effective and functional.


The tough Norwegian natural environment and weather conditions set the standard for Norwegian Weather Protection’s products. We deliver quality, durable, customised products for all our customers.

News from NWP

- Norwegian quality has an exceptionally good reputation
NWP is investing internationally, and its new factory will provide more efficient production. This means that NWP can reduce prices while maintaining quality standards. This opens up very exciting opportunities.
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Lice skirts provide major benefits!
Nordlaks has for many years made use of permeable skirts. Following extensive tests Nordlaks is no longer in any doubt – this product is a goldmine for operations.
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This is how we will be keeping lice out of aquaculture facilities
We have been working on our lice skirt for some time now; it is designed to keep lice out of the cages in which the salmon are swimming. With the help of Framo’s pump technology, we are also able to guarantee the best possible water quality in the cages.
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