Best in weather protection

This is the story of the little factory which made sails for the shipping industry, and through its hard work and quality products grew into one of the top weather protection companies in Norway.

The year is 2000

Right from the start, NWP’s aim was to manufacture weather protection specially designed to withstand Norwegian weather conditions. NWP’s products quickly became popular, because of their excellent quality and reasonable price. NWP is now one of the top companies in Norway, with numerous products and over 45 employees.

Price and quality

There are two things which have always been important to us – to be the best on quality and price.

We always use the best products on the market, and never stop working to reduce our prices by making our production process as efficient as possible. We now have the most modern production equipment in Scandinavia. We also always listen to our customers, and customise our products in all shapes and sizes.

We guarantee the best possible product

Customisation has always been one of our focus areas, as it allows us to supply our customers with the best possible product. We also use the experience this gives us to provide other customers with suggestions and tips that could be relevant for their products. The combination of our flexibility, cost-effective production and product quality means that we are able to provide you with top quality products at the right price.

Focus on the environment

Green production and innovation are a big focus area for us. We not only choose the best products in terms of production, but we also choose the products which are best for the environment and which comply with the EU’s REACH requirements. Our goal is to do our utmost to protect nature and the environment, for the benefit of humans, fish and animals.

Read about our innovation and environmental strategy

Our specialists

Alex Rock

Head of Global Sales – Flood Protection

+47 917 11 277

Arild Folkedal

Technical Sales Manager Industry/Aquaculture

+47 915 40 009

Arne Dale Dalland


+47 915 37 425

Bertil Storvik

Account Manager Aquaculture

+47 417 68 681

Hege Bjørge

Account and Cost Manager

+47 452 81 960

Idar Birkeland

Head of Operations

+47 951 20 692

Jan Henning Rysjedal

CEO NWP Development AS

+47 971 11 405

Jørgen Kannelønning

Sales and Service Consultant

+47 922 10 109

Kenneth Sætervik

Project Engineer

+47 406 18 001

Kristian Fagernes

Account Manager Aquaculture

+47 474 16 458

Monica Nyhagebråten

Sales and Marketing Director

+47 922 30 777

Pernhild Olsen

Production Coordinator

+47 971 04 654

Rolf Svendsen

Project Director NWP Development AS

+47 958 76 762

Ørjan Herland Olsen


+47 402 45 095